Terms and Condition

Welcome to Techmark. You agree to the below terms and conditions if you are accessing this website. You also accept “as-is” and choose to use this website at your own risk.

Use of our services are governed by the following terms and conditions. You shall be contracting with us if you simply use this website. The terms of use include the policies that constitute your binding obligations with us.

The context “You” or “User” in Terms and Conditions mean any legal person who visit this website and agreed to become a buyer on this platform after registering on it. The term such as “We”, “Us” and “Our” mean to our company and our affiliates.

You will be subject to follow the policies, guidelines, rules and terms and conditions whenever you use any kind of services offered by us. We have the right to change, remove, add or modify any portion of terms and conditions at any time without giving any prior notice to our users. So, make sure to review the terms and conditions periodically for new updates. The continued use of this website by you will mean that you understand and accept our policies and conditions. As long as you follow our terms and conditions, we grant you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, and limited privilege to use this website. If you are agreeing and accepting these terms and conditions then it means you also accept to be bound with our policies. 

User Profile and Security

If you are using this website then it’s your responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal details and password. You shall be responsible for the activities that comes under your account. We have the right to suspend or block your access on our website if you provide any wrong, inaccurate or incomple information. By using this website, you also agree to notify us of any unauthorized access on your account. Also, make sure to exit from your account at the end of session. 

Services Offered

On our website, you get several Internet-based services which enables you to purchase original merchandise from famous brands. You can purchase electronics components from this website by using different payment methods. The purchase or sale of products and services governed by some policies of sale including refund policy, cancellation policy, exchange policy, and many more. If the user wants to request for return the product then they are required to confirm that the product has original tags intact and it is being unused. In case, the returned product does not have original tags or damaged, the user’s requested is rejected and the product shall be re-shipped back to the user. If the return request is rejected then the user shall not apply for refund. Furthermore, if user fails to accept receipt of re-shipped product, he or she shall not eligible for refund. We do not provide any liability to the refund or retun for re-shipped product. We do not warrant that the description of our product is complete, accurate or error-free. 

Transaction and Communication

The users on this website interact with one another for their transactions. We cannot control any type of transaction among the user’s. 

All contractual terms are agreed by both seller and buyer. The contractual terms include without shipping costs, payment terms, payment methods, limitation price, mode and date of delivery, warranties on products and services. We do not give advice or do not have any control in offering or acceptance of contractual terms between sellers and buyers.

We do not give warranty on the products and services which are proposed to be sold on the platform. Also, we are not responsible for breach of contract between sellers and buyers. 

Techmark do not have any right, interest or obligation in contract between buyers and sellers. We only provide a platform for communication on which users can buy and sell various products and services. Techmark is not responsible for the unsatisfactory services or delays of products.

Sometimes, the information of a product published by seller may be incorrect. In such type of event, seller may cancel their order. 

We cannot take any responsibility for the information which is provided by other users on our website. 

User Conduct and Rules

You should agree that your use on this website shall be strictly governed by the below principles:

You cannot upload, modify, or share any information that:

  • belongs to some other person on which you do not have any right. Also, you shall not be allowed to include such content which is harassing, harmful, pornographic, encourage money laundering or misleading in any way. 
  • Promote any illegal activity and violates rights of third party, rights of privacy, intellectual property of rights. 
  • Providing instructional information associated to illegal activities like manufacturing or buying illegal weapons, creating computer viruses etc. 
  • Violates any law and threatens security, unity or sovereignty of India.
  • Infringes any copyright, trademark, patent or proprietary rights. 

A user may be considered as fraudulent if he or she involve in any of the below activity:

  • If user does not reply to payment verification mail whoch is sent by us. 
  • Misuse of phone or email of some other user. 
  • If user fails to meet sufficient documents during the verification of payment details. 
  • Use of invalid phone number, email address of user. 
  • Return of wrong product
  • Refuse to make payment for their ordered product. 
  • Miscellaneous activities conducted by the user with the intention to cause loss to any business or some other person. 
  • Making repeated request for monetory compentation for their fake orders. 

We may cancel the order if we found it as a Fraud order. An order can be considered as fraud or bulk order if it comes in below criteria:

  • Given invalid address for delivery of order.
  • Bulk quality is ordered for the product.
  • Several orders are placed for same product at the same address. 
  • If promotional voucher is used for bulk order then it may not be refunded.
  • Misconduct during placing an order.
  • Ordered product using loophole or technological glitch

You shall not use this platform further if you:

  • Access this website for any fraudulent activity which interrupt our rules and policy and causes inconvenience to use. 
  • Use of any false e-mail address and sharing of multiple phone number or address to mislead us.
  • Attempt any unauthorized access on this website or gain access to any other system which is connected to this website by hacking or any illegitimate means. 
  • Mislead our other users in any way.
  • Infringe other rights of the third party and posted such content that result in damages and losses. 

Content Posted on our Website

On our website, logos, photographs, visual and user interfaces, graphics, text, music etc. are third-party content. We do not have any control over third-party posted content. You may also download and use the information on the products and services available on our website but you have to remember the following things:

  • Use the information of products and services on our website for only personal and non-commercial purposes. Do not copy such information on any other media.
  • Does not make any modification in such content. 
  • Do not eliminate any proprietary notice language from such documents
  • Do not create any additional representations related to content on our website. 

Liability and Warranty

All the products and services which are available on this website are provided on “as is” and “as available” basis without any warranties except which are specified in writing.  

All the information available on this website is true, complete, and accurate.

The products and services which are sold on this website are governed by law of different states. In case, if seller is unable to get the product then seller will get credit for the amount (if any) received in advance. You only need to enter a correct mobile number while placing your order from our website. After registeration, you will get the updates related to your product via SMS notification or phone calls. We will never use your personal details to initiate any promotional phone calls.


As a registered seller, list the items for sale on this website in accordance with the policies. You are able to sell the products that you list for sale on this platform. Make sure that the products which are listed on this website do not violate trade secret, intellectual property, or privacy rights of third parties. In listing, you may include pictures, graphics and text descriptions of your product for sale. All the items should be listed under an appropriate category. Also, amke sure to keep stock of all listed items for fulfilment of sales successfully. The description about the listed product must be correct. If description of the actual condition of the product is wrong then you get back refund of your product from the buyer. 

Do not list the multiple quantities of the single product across various categories on this website. We have the right to delete multiple listing of a single product in various categories. 

We also provide the alternation services for the products that you purchased from us. We do not take any additional amount from you for such type of alteration services. A nominal charge may be taken at the time of making alteration request. 


You agree and understand that this website is an online platform where you can buy products and services which are listed on this website at any time. You further acknowledge that this website is a facilitator and cannot be a party that can control the transactions on this website. 

Copyright and Trademark

This platform is operated and controlled by….. All the products are sold by different sellers. All the material on this website such as videos, audios, and images are protected by trademarks and copyrights. The material on this platform is for non-commercial and personal use. You cannot reproduce, copy, modify, upload any material in any way whether directly or indirectly. You must not help any other person to do same. The use of the material of our website on some other platform is a violation of the trademark, copyrights and proprietary rights without prior written content. We reserve the rights to use and reproduce any content which is uploaded by you for reasonable business purpose. 

Limitation of Liability

We are no responsible for any consequential damages resulting from:

  • Breach of warranties by the manufacturer of the products.
  • Inability to use the products or services. 
  • Matters related to services
  • Non-availability of our website due to maintenance operations or any unplanned suspension of access to our website. 

The users agree that any material that use or downloaded at this website is done entirely at users’ own decision and risk. So, we are solely not responsible for any loss of data and damage to their mobile that result from the download of such type of material. We are not responsible for any disagreement and dispute between users. 


We may terminate or suspend your use on our website if it believes that you breached, infringes, violated or exploited any terms and conditions, policies in any way. The terms and conditions written on our website will survive indefinitely until we choose to terminate them. We may solely terminate your account from our website as mentioned in the terms and conditions. 

We also reserves the rights to deny or terminate your access on our website if you use any false e-mail address for any fraudulent or unlawful purposes which may cause inconvenience for us, abuses our policies or mislead us by sharing multiple mobile number and address. 

Governing Law

All the terms and conditions mentioned on this website shall be governed by in accordance with the laws of India without any conflict of laws to the jurisdiction of courts. 

Contacting the seller

We are committed to settle any dispute between buyers and sellers amicably. However, if you want to contact us about the seller then you may proceed by clicking on the seller name on the product. You may also reach us by dialling our customer support number or access our help center website. 


You agree and acknowledge that you are accessing the service and this website at your own risk. We shall not be responsible for any actions of sellers and any breach of terms and conditions by the manufacturers and sellers of the products. We shall not resolve any issue or dispute between you and the manufacturer or seller of the products. We also disclaim warranties in respect of accuracy, quality, performance, safety, completeness etc. on this platform. Furthermore, we have taken some precautions to avoid any type of inaccuracies on this website by does not provide any warranty on content, software, information, products and services.